If I Can't Have You, by Lauren Hammond

* Year: 2012 (January)

* Publisher: S.B. Addison Books (ebook)

* Genre: young-adult, contemporary, romance, love triangle.

* Résumé:

One is lonely. Three is a crowd.

Robin Mason has never been the same since Drake Robertson, a hot lifeguard at her family's yearly vacation spot saves her from drowning. Ever since that day she's never let another guy hold a candle to him. She's idolized him and has been waiting for the day where they can go from Facebook friends to more. Much, much more.

Flash-forward three years and Robin isn't the same tween Drake rescued from the deep blue sea. She's college bound, curvy, and finally ready to take what she wants most--Drake.

But not if Drake's brother Elliot has anything to say about it.

Robin is torn between what's right and what's wrong, her head and her heart, and two brothers that are simply irresistible. But who will she choose? Safe, sweet, Elliot? Or the hot, smoldering, Drake?

Two brothers. One Girl. One choice. So which will it be?

* Review:

This novel is a one-shot I bought in kindle version. I was curious because the premise sounds good but somehow I'm not really convinced now that I read it.

Overall, the idea is quite classic, which is expected in this kind of contemporary romance but I think it's too flat. Maybe it's harsh but I never bought this supposedly love triangle. I quickly knew what would happen and how - which is also kind of weird when you're reading - and I was never surprised.

But, I like quite well Robin even if she's the kind of character that can seem not deep enough sometimes and also far too whiny at other time.

Both male characters let me unconcerned which is not often. We know they're gorgeous but beside this, I think they kind of miss a little more characterization. They're quite "lost" in the inner voice of Robin. Too bad because it's probably why I think this novel, this plot is not well-used.

Also, and maybe it's just me, I think the epilogue is just some ramblings that could have been spared because the previous chapter is a good closure.

Of course, sometimes I smiled a little, but I was never really into the plot and into the characters. I read it but that's all.

Though, I'm pretty sure I waited something really different which probably ruined my reading session here. maybe other readers won't feel the same at all. If you had already read it, let me know what you think about it.

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